Top things to do in Norfolk, UK

Top things to do in Norfolk, UK
Photo by Amy Asher / Unsplash
East Runton Beach, Norfolk

Some years a go, I only thought of Norfolk as an English county for farming and fishing. I never associated it with relaxation or pleasure. However, all that has changed since a colleague spent her family holiday there and came back looking and feeling refreshed. At the end of the day, the reason we take breaks is to recharge, take time to unwind, and operate at a much slower pace than usual. Well, for me, that what I want from most holidays. I just love to chill- no stress!

Norfolk has since become one of my favourite destination for a family holiday. What's not to like with its wide expanse sandy beaches and unspoilt nature. You can choose to rent a holiday cottage and visit various sites along the Eastern English coast.

We have stayed in Bay Tree cottage and made a very special holiday there. It was so peaceful and relaxing for a family of 5, that we had to visit again!

Why Go on Holiday to Norfolk?

There are lots of sandy beaches, it's peaceful, cheaper, a perfect holiday that's not far from home if you live in England and so you journey time is shorter than if you were to go abroad, fr example. Lots of relaxing activities to do such as boating, watching the seals, bird watching, walking and more. What's not to like?

First, you'll need a place to stay during your visit and there are lots of places to choose from but personally, I like to rent a holiday cottage that suits my needs.Things to do in Norfolk

There are so many things to do in Norfolk. Here are a few which I've done with my family and would highly recommend.

Spend a day out at the Amazona zoo in Cromer, Norfolk.

Flamingos at the Amazona zoo

Sea the grey seals at Blakeney

Seals on the shore at Blakeley

Go boating on the Norfolk Broads where you can either go on a boating trip with other sight-seers on Broad Tours or hire a boat all to yourself for the day.

Self drive boats, which can be hired for the day
Larger boats, for relaxing and enjoying the views of the Broads

Visit the City of Norwich and explore the Norwich Cathedral which is listed as one of the seven wonders of Norfolk. The architecture and stained windows are a beauty to behold.

The grounds of Norwich Cathedral
Stained windows in the Norwich Cathedral

Spend a whole day on a beach. There are so many beautiful beaches to choose from. Whether you just want to soak in the sun, go crabbing with the kids, stroll along the beach, you will be spoilt for choice because Norfolk beaches are beautiful.

A crab making its way back to sea
Wide expanse of beach along the Norfolk coast

I hope you'll make time to visit Norfolk soon. Let me know which of the many beaches you get to visit too. I'm also happy to hear about other holiday destinations you've enjoyed.

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