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About this site
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Hello and welcome to Ellar Life!

Do you ever feel overworked, tired and stressed with the challenges of today's pressures, sometimes at the expense of your own health and wellbeing?

And all you really want is to live your best life.

Welcome to Ellar life!

Yeye Osasu

My name is Yeye.

I started Ellar life because I am passionate about getting the most out of life and sharing my experience with friends.

I work in healthcare and public health as a pharmacist. I enjoy my work as it gives me an opportunity to speak with people about their health, provide advice about medication to people and other healthcare professionals. I also work closely with agencies to improve the health and well being of people. I believe that a lot of sicknesses can be prevented by making the right lifestyle choices.

I am passionate about social justice and the impact of people's socioeconomic status on health outcomes. This simply means that people can have poorer health because of their level of education, low income, poor housing, jobs with low earning potential and lack of infrastructure in the places they live.

I have worked in population health and public health policy for some time and I am passionate about helping people improve their socioeconomic status. This comes through education, and working with partners to improve living standards by helping people to move over the line and bring them to their wealthy place! That's what Ellar Life is about. With my experience in health policy, I am keen to partner with policy makers, health and social care workers to tackle inequalities in health and the social issues that contribute to ill health, especially in people from high risk or deprived communities. You can connect with me here, I'd love to partner with you.

If you are an individual, this site is for you. I hope that you find the information here useful. I am a firm believer in this saying: Health is wealth! So, here at Ellar life, we'll discuss topics that can help towards living your best life such as finances, how to improve your income and gain financial independence, boost your employment opportunities and enjoy career growth to grow your income.

According to the U.K Office of National Statistics, long-term sickness remains high in people of working age and this means that many people are out of work. This signals bad news for people's health and the UK economy. Regardless of where you live in the world, poor socioeconomic status puts people at higher risk of complex physical and mental health needs. At Ellar Life, we'll explore topics around health and well being, employment, finance, social issues and more as these topics affect our quality of life and wellbeing. We'll also talk about ways to keep fit and healthy by sharing great healthy recipe ideas to fit into a healthy lifestyle. Travelling and seeing around the world is a great way of enjoying a well earned break and rest. So here at Ellar Life, we'll share travel ideas and recommend places to visit and let your hair down so that you can relax, recharge, and enjoy the nice things in life.

Navigating a career path, raising a family, parenting, trying to save whilst keeping physically and mentally healthy is no mean feat! It is difficult to balance all these important areas of life. I know this because I am a working mum of three, two are teenagers! I had our last child whilst completing a PhD! How crazy is that?

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to do it all. Can you relate with this? My husband, who is my biggest cheer leader, but who works incredibly long hours, often reminds me "No man is an island". We need each other to navigate this busy stage of life. So, I invite you not to try doing it all alone but to join our community today and enjoy an elite life!

Have you ever wondered what your wealthy life good look like? It's not just about the money. Building strong social and professional networks, financial and economic empowerment and improved standards of living are important for good physical and mental health. Join the community at Ellar Life to grow not just your health but your wealth for now, and for the future.

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You need to get the right information to help you make the right decision. This is especially so at a time when there is so much information out there and it can be difficult to know what information is right. If this sounds good to you, I'd like to invite you to join our community of elites and start living your best life today!

Having the right information is only one part. I believe that the information should be delivered in a way that is accessible so that we can apply it to our lives to get the right results that we want to see.

Do you feel you work too hard and with little to show for it?

Do you find parenting challenging whilst trying to balance all other aspects of your life?

Are you finding it difficult to budget and save money?

Are you finding it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise?

How will I help you?

Have access to great information to improve your health and wellbeing.

Navigate your career growth while raising a family.

Discover parenting with ease.

Discover how to make money work for you with the goal to be financially independent one day.

If this sounds good to you, then I invite you to subscribe to Ellar life today, so you'll get full access to the website as well as email newsletters about new content when it's available. Your subscription makes this site possible, and allows ellarlife.com to continue to exist, and you can comment on blog posts and be part of a vibrant community. Thank you!

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