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Some of you may know me from my work in healthcare as a pharmacist. I started working in pharmacy over twenty years ago as a counter assistant before I went to study Pharmacy at University. A favourite part of my job is speaking to people and helping them get the right health information and advice. I've always been interested in health but even more exited about disease prevention, especially when we can modify our health outcomes through behaviour and lifestyle.

Whilst studying for my doctorate (Ph.D), I also had the opportunity to work in public health and acquire skills in population health and tackling inequalities in access to health. I know that a person's health is also affected by social factors such as their level of education, employment status, finance, economy and environment. So, I'm of the firm belief that it is much better, cheaper and worthwhile to educate before I medicate. So, instead of offering paracetamol for example, I will offer health advice to stop you from feeling pain in the first place. Instead of sleeping tablets, you'll be supported to explore the underlying reasons for sleep loss such as stress. These are hypothetical examples to illustrate that this is about lifestyle medicine and wholeness to achieve that dream life. Medicine is important when needed but there are so many other things in life that contribute to our overall experience of a happy, healthy, wealthy life which we will explore together here on this site.

So, now you're here, how can I help you live happy, healthy and wealthy?

Helping you live happy, healthy, wealthy.

I started this blog to share my passion for:

Health Education

Understand more about health and lifestyle as a way of preventing disease and start your journey towards healing

Personal Development

Enjoy life more generally, whether it be through travel, work or play

Financial Freedom

Helping you to stop worrying about money and start taking control over your finances to achieve the dream life you want.

Financial Freedom

Financial education, making more money, financial planning and resilience

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Health and Wellbeing podcasts

Health, wellness, healthy food and lifestyle

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Personal Development

Career growth, coaching, lifestyle, mindset

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